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Tiny text is also knowns a small text or small caps, it’s typographic that is used to create the attention of people. Most of the time it is used to gain users’ attention to certain words or phrases. You can generate tiny text with the help of Word processing applications such as (Wordpad or Microsoft Word). But first, you have to install that Application to convert normal text into tiny text.

Tiny Text Generator

Well, I develop this tiny text generator that converts normal text into tiny text within seconds. You don’t have to install any 3rd party application to use our tiny text generator. This generator is very easy to use and user-friendly interface. Cursed Text is a creepy and attractive font style give it a try.

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Tiny Text Generator

You must have seen tiny alphabets on many social media sites like Twitter, snap chat, Facebook, WhatsApp, and elsewhere on the internet. For developing this tool we use three types of special Unicode alphabets. Small Caps is the all-complete alphabet with tiny letters available. You can convert any text into small caps. You can easily copy and paste into anywhere such as (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc). You should try Aesthetic Text Generator to generate aesthetic fonts.

A superscript is a number or letter that’s written slightly above normal text. You must have read “X Squared” in mathematics you write the 2 as a superscript, smaller than and raised above the x, like so: x². So this is what superscript looks like. On the other hand, you have read or seen in math “X₂”. This is a subscript that is slightly lower than normal text. Try our new Glitch Text Generator.

But unfortunately, there is some text (q or i) that is not available in superscript Unicode so we use an alternate character.

How to Use Tiny Text Generator:

  • To use a tiny font generator simply type your text into the textbox.
  • It automatically converts your normal text into a tiny font.
  • Copy the font.
  • Paste it anywhere you want.
  • Grab attention.