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This is a simple translator that allows you to convert text to Wingdings and vice versa. If you’re curious about the meaning of a particular wingding, paste it in the left box. To convert text to the Wingdings font, paste it into the appropriate box.


Microsoft introduced the Wingdings series of symbols in the 1990s. These symbols were incorporated into a font to facilitate their use in word processors. As a result, whenever you type a letter on your keyboard, a Wingdings symbol appears in place of the letter. Wingdings is referred to as a “dingbat” font because early printers frequently used ornamental symbols called dingbats for aesthetic purposes.

Wingdings has three variants: Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, and Webdings – all of which were originally created by Microsoft. The following chart summarizes the most frequently used Wingdings symbols in the original font (click for a larger version): Old English Translator

How to use WingDings

Wingdings generator covert your text to wingdings in seconds. The generation process is automatic. You only need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert the text you want to translate into the wingdings and pick out the wingdings translation font.
  2. Copy the generated text and insert it into social network description, chats, comments, bio, and anywhere you want.

WingDings Symbols Copy & Paste

Generally, if you attempt to copy and paste Wingdings, you will end up pasting the actual keyboard characters that you typed. This translator enables you to copy and paste the Wingdings symbols directly from the right-hand box. How does it function? To be honest, it’s all due to our good friend Unicode. Weird Text Generator

Unicode is a computing industry standard that unifies thousands of symbols, letters, and characters across a sizable portion of the computing industry’s relevant segments. Web browsers account for a sizable portion of the computing industry, and fortunately, they have incorporated a large number of the 120,000+ unicode symbols into their software.

The Unicode Consortium has now incorporated all of the original Wingdings symbols into the standard, allowing us to output unicode symbols in the right-hand box, which can be copied and pasted anywhere that supports unicode symbols. Note that while Unicode includes all of the original Wingding characters, your web browser may not have fully implemented them yet, resulting in some symbols not working. You should try our Wide Text Generator.

P.S. If you’re here to generate wingdings translations for Undertale’s WD Gaster’s language, please use capital letters!

If you’re interested, there’s a bunch more you can do with Unicode symbols. There are some other translators which play with Unicode symbols including a fancy text generator and a Runic Translator.


Can Wingdings be translated?

Wingdings is a popular special font that contains a variety of symbols not found on a standard computer keyboard. Technically, each symbol in the font corresponds to a specific letter, which means that you can “translate” text written in a standard font into the Wingdings font and vice versa.

What is WingDing translator?

This is a straightforward translator that converts your text to Wingdings symbols for copying and pasting.