Cursed Text Generator

Cursed text is used to make horrific posts and comments. It looks kind of creepy like someone is trying to scare you. You can make your profile attractive or a little weird by using a mysterious font generator.

Cursed Text Generator

Cursed text generator is an online font converter that converts your plain text into cursed text. It looks creepy or distorted text is made using combining Unicode characters. These Unicode does not exist on mobile phone keyboards so you cannot write cursed text on your phone. Also, use Glitch Text Generator.

For generator cursed text you can use our generator to convert normal text into cursed text without any 3rd party software.

How it works

The cursed text combines the nonspacing Unicode letters above or below to make your text more distorted or glitchy. Furthermore, You can increase the distortion level by changing the Crazyness level. These features allow users to adjust the craziness of the text. Try Tiny Text to generate little small tiny text.

Where to use

You can use cursed text to comment on youtube horror videos or social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But don’t abuse cursed text because some people don’t know about this so if they saw any comment or open your site they closed as soon as possible due to distorted or glitchy text. Also, try our new Russian Generator.

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Cursed Text Generator Copy and paste

You can easily copy and paste text by using our generator. If you have copied text, just paste it into textarea and convert your text into cursed text or copy and paste the translated text.

How to Generate Cursed Font

  • Type or paste plain text into the Textarea.
  • It converts your text into cursed text.
  • Copy the converted text and use it anywhere you want.
  • Enjoy.