Most Popular High Tech Fonts in – Oct 2022

Choosing high-tech fonts is one of the most difficult aspects of website design, title writing, and article writing.

We’re always looking to push the envelope and create the best possible content, and having a great font to accompany it is a critical component.

We’ll list the most popular high-tech fonts to use in 2022 in this article, and while fonts can have a variety of attributes such as size, typeface, weights, and even colors, we’ll select the best ones for you.

Helvetica Now

Helvetica is probably the most well-known font that computers have ever encountered, having been created in 1957! It is also used in real life, for example, on street signs and subways throughout the world, from the United States to Europe.

However, it was redesigned in 2019 to meet the needs of all users and to look extremely modern.

Helvetica Now is one of the best high-tech fonts available and is priced reasonably at $35.00 per weight.

Helvetica Now is optimized for use on a wide variety of screen sizes and devices, from small smartphones to massive computers. It is available in three optical sizes (Micro, Text, and Display) and six, eight, and ten weights.

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Gilroy is a contemporary typeface that is a member of the Sans Serif family.

Apart from the fact that it has a modern geometric feel and design, it’s also worth noting that it comes in at least 20 weights, which is a lot in comparison to other fonts.

Untitled Sans

Untitled Sans

Untitled Sans is a simpler, more common, but reliable font family in comparison to the other font families.

Untitled Sans can be used for paragraphs and headings, as well as titles and much more, which is why we believe it is one of the best high-tech fonts to use in 2022.

This font family comes in five weights, which is quite a few in comparison to the other fonts on this list.

Kayak Sans

Kayak Sans is a stunningly beautiful and modern font that had to be included in this list of high-tech fonts.

The wonderful thing about Kayak Sans is that it can be used anywhere and still be read easily while maintaining an elegant and stylish appearance.

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Nunito Sans

Nunito Sans

The Nunito family began as a rounded design for display typography and was later expanded to include a full set of weights, giving birth to Nunito Sans.

Nunito Sans is unquestionably one of the best high-tech fonts in all of its manifestations. Apart from being beautiful and modern, it comes in 15 different free downloadable versions, which is incredible when compared to other high-tech fonts.



Futura is another of our vintage high-tech fonts, having been created in 1927 and having been used in a variety of projects throughout the world for many years.

We believe it strikes the ideal balance of modernism, readability, and reputation. As a result, it is one of the best high-tech fonts available.

Additionally, it is available for free download, which is a significant benefit when compared to the other font families on this list.

Proxima Nova

We no longer need to introduce this high-tech font, as it is used on over 25,000 websites.

Indeed, Proxima Nova is a 1994 font that was revised and redesigned in 2005.

Apart from being an excellent and one of the most beautiful high-tech fonts available, Proxima Nova is also compatible with all screens and browsers.

To summarize, Proxima Nova is a dependable and beautiful font that you can use in any project. Numerous businesses already use it; why not yours?

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a more modern and recently created high-tech font.

Not only is Brandon Grotesque one of the best high-tech fonts, but it is also used by major corporations such as Comedy Central.

As with other high-tech fonts, we believe Brandon Grotesque is suitable for use in software and online businesses, as well as in real-world indications.

Goldplay Sans

Goldplay Sans

Goldplay is frequently described as minimalist and stylish, and we have to concur.

Although Goldplay Sans is not free and requires a license to use commercially, it is one of the more expensive high-tech fonts.

For example, it’s an excellent choice for blogs, websites, books, and logos, as it’s easily readable and has a modern, contemporary look.



Madera is an excellent, versatile, and easily readable font that you can use in a variety of projects.

It is simple to use, pleasant to read, and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a small business or a major television network, Madera is without a doubt one of the best high-tech fonts available.