Choosing the best font for a resume can greatly impact its readability and professional appearance.

Helvetica Neue:

This sans-serif font is clean, modern, and highly readable, making it a popular choice for resumes. Its versatility allows it to maintain clarity even at smaller sizes.


A classic serif font with a timeless elegance, Garamond exudes professionalism and sophistication. Its slender serifs and moderate stroke contrast make it ideal for conveying a sense of refinement.


Designed for clarity and readability on screens, Calibri is a modern sans-serif font that offers a clean and professional look. Its round letterforms and even spacing make it easy on the eyes.


Another widely used sans-serif font, Arial is known for its simplicity and legibility. It's a safe choice for resumes, offering a straightforward and professional appearance.


A serif font designed for clarity and readability, Cambria has a slightly more contemporary feel compared to traditional serif fonts like Times New Roman. Its sturdy letterforms and generous spacing make it an excellent choice for resumes.